The song ‘The Blood of a Tax-Paying Man’ has been a staple of my live shows for a few months now. I wrote it after I heard that our government was about to pass a law that would in theory make burglary tools tax deductible for thieves!

I recently bought a beautiful new microphone called the Cardinal, a collaboration between Blue and ElectroVoice. The EV circuitry is based on the microphone that Elvis Presley used and it has a nice, warm sound.

Frank de Boer singing into a Blue Cardinal microphone
Blue Cardinal Microphone

I don’t want to bore you with talk about microphones, however. The fact that I now have two very good microphones enables me to record high quality vocals and guitar parts simultaneously so I can capture a live feeling from the comfort of my home studio.

I figured Taxpaying man was as good a song as any to try out this new setup. Let me know what you think!

Update: The song is on theย New Record!

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