Barnyard Tea busking in Ferrara

We woke up for a meeting with the deputy mayor of Ferrara. During the meeting, the bass player of the Naked Truckers, ‘Moustache’ Mitch, ‘honked’ the festival director’s breasts. One artist, a guy from Belgium called ‘Tipsy Gypsy’, never showed up. He had checked into the hotel but never showed up to play a gig.

We got to know more of the other artists at the festival. There was Banana Bob Culbertson from the United States, master of the Chapman Stick. His virtuoso chops will floor you, no doubt about it!

Emanuel rocking the bagpipe on 'Blue Suede Shoes'

Emanuel, to the right of my white hat, rocking the bagpipe on ‘Blue Suede Shoes’.

Next, we met the guys and gal from Cornalusa. Two bagpipes, a huge drum and an Irish bouzouki, playing what I could only describe as folk metal. With tremendous volume, energy and ebullience, they put  a smile on my face every time I heard them play. Except for once, when we were playing right around the corner from them. I learned that trying to outsing a bagpipe is like trying to outrun a Cheetah: Your throat will get torn to shreds. We had to move somewhere else. That night, one of their pipers, Emanuel, joined in our little jam session. Who would have guessed I’d ever play Carl Perkin’s rock & roll classic ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ with a bag pipe solo in the middle?


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  1. Anna 8 years ago

    Sounds like you had a good time!

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