I sing and play in a Bluegrass Band called Barnyard Tea. We just toured Italy.
We were invited as one of the main acts to the Ferrara Buskers Festival as representatives of The Netherlands, which was an honor and a wonderful opportunity.

Barnyard Tea busking in Ferrara
Barnyard Tea busking in Ferrara

In good cheer, we put all our gear in the car, put it in gear, and headed off south.

The first stop on our tour was Basel, where we had arranged to play at the Basel Urban Youth Culture Backpackers Hostel. The proprietors, Tom and Stefan, welcomed us with open arms and told us that we should swim in the river Rhine to cool off and relax after the long drive. With the heavy currents so close to the river’s source, it was a natural water ride. After this aquatic adventure, we played a short set for a small but enthousiastic crowd in the hostel and another one at breakfast. A great start.

Ferrara was a scorching 45 degrees Celsius when we arrived. We were checked into the hotel, given a meal and when we asked for schedule, we were given a sheet that read ‘lunch, dinner, lunc, dinner, lunch…etc’. It was only after we were completely rested that we were told when and where to play. Italians sure have their priorities straight! Excellent food.

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