Last year marked the 10th anniversary of my debut album ‘Cupid is Blind‘. Looking back, I’m still pretty proud of it but it’s good to realize that I’ve come a long way since then.

I have fond memories of the release party in ‘t Jonge Schaap at the Zaanse Schans and everyone who showed up.

It would be nice to celebrate that by revisiting some of those songs in a few live recordings in the coming months. I’ve also recorded new music, and wanted to give songs that have found a home on YouTube a proper release, not to mention catch up with a massive backlog of songs I’ve written. Some of that will have to wait until after we finish the record with Barnyard Tea, though, which is why I’ve come up with something else for now.

Back in 2012, we designed a t-shirt that was never actually produced. In honor of the anniversary, I decided to make it available after all these years. I have a couple in store to sell during shows, but they’re available on demand in the webshop.