This album is about romantic love in all its facets. We’ve all experienced typical rides on the wheel of love: You become infatuated and start to feel butterflies. The world outside no longer exists when you spend time together and everything beyond the scope of that passion is no longer important. But life is not a romantic comedy, and more often than not you find your love candle burning up in all kinds of ways. The wheel turns and your love enters a new stage. You remain friends, start hating each other or you become apathetic acquaintances. Whatever the outcome, there will be some resentment before you can accept the loss of that magical feeling of rapture. These songs are about infatuation, imagination and involvement, about romance and resentment. About joy and envy, breakup and acceptance; arrogance and despair. From within these emotional states I wrote of things that happened to me or people close to me. The Vixen and The Whale is an exception, a surreal joke to put the ideal of unconditional love in perspective. The music reflects the state of mind I was in when I wrote each song. Drawing from an eclectic mix of folk, rockabilly, country and funk, ‘Cupid is Blind’ is a diverse album. At times, if you listen intently and close your eyes, you can even discern heavy metal, jazz and alcohol influences.

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Cupid is Blind

Release Date : January 1, 2012
Catalog ref. : 01
Format : CD