He was driving the byways with a vixen on his tail
His rear-view mirror
Was, as she drew nearer
Like a playboy add-on sale
He switched to her lane
With her in his brain
To obtain a peek at her pair
He signaled late
Chalk it up to fate
His car was beyond repair
The crash was bad
The pain was worse
But nothing beat the urge
The need to see her
In her bedroom gear
And add another sin to purge

He stole a car but didn’t get far before they put his ass in jail
The slammer had some chicks in
And he was going to mix in
When the vixen threw his bail
She took him home
There he took her home
Good times were had by all
They closed the deal
Shared a morning meal
Planned their telephone call
Now, on the debit side
When he’d lost his ride
The numbers were hell on earth
So he got a loan and a ring
And he phoned and said :
“Baby, what’s your net worth?”

You may not believe in luck but fate was on his side
He felt like a king
When the ring did its thing
When he proposed
And she complied
But don’t feel envy
Don’t be jealous
Watch out for what you wish
He was driving the byways with a vixen on his tail
He took her for his wife
They led their life
And now that vixen is a whale

Copyright 2012. Words and music by F.N. de Boer