You can quote me every line from every book I ever read
You can even throw in Lovecraft and the words he left unsaid

You figure out where you belong
You hum the tune of your very own song
You can rid the world of riddles but the answers are all wrong

Aliens Ate My Amplifiers

If I’d ever chased the dragon I would cut back on the smack
Urge these unreal apparitions to enjoy their sonic snack

But I’m as sober as sober could be
So I need you to sing it with me
Before we get an ET on our caller ID

Aliens Ate My Amplfiers

You can throw my bone a dog for every time it ever barked
Have the doctors at my bedside frown in silence at my chart

Shoot some golf balls to the moon
Whistle out your little marching tune
While I spin you tales of beached blue whales I shot with my harpoon

Aliens Ate My Amplfiers

Copyright 2015. Words and music by F.N. de Boer